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Minutes - General Meeting - Calgary - 17 Aug '07

(to be presented for approval at our next General Meeting, scheduled for 2009)


Item # Item Discussion Result


Call to Order

Carol Hadley called the meeting to order at 1025.




Carol Hadley welcomed everyone attending the meeting and Phil Doddridge also gave a few words of welcome.



Minutes from previous General Meeting - Aug '05 MS Word Document held at the Ottawa Convention, Aug. 13/05.

Secretary, Jim Trick, paraphrased the minutes of the previous General meeting and noted that the full minutes are available online on the HKVCA website

Moved by John Stroud, seconded by Linda Stewart that minutes be accepted as read. Carried.

4 Treasurer's Report

Barry Mitchell, Treasurer for National Executive and MB gave the report. The report represents our status end-year December 2006. Copy attached.

Statement has been submitted to Revenue Canada and accepted.

Barry moved acceptance of this report; seconded by George Peterson. Carried.


(Secretary Note: Copies of the financial statement were available to attendees, and form part of the meeting record, but are not attached here. Paper copy on file.)

5 National Presidents' Reports:


6 National Membership Report   Noted
7 Region Reports Provided by:
  • BC
  • Alberta/Saskatchewan
  • Manitoba
  • Ontario
  • Quebec
  • Atl (post meeting)
8 Ratification of HKVCA Mission and Goals Discussion of wording ensued with a request that the wording be changed to show removal of ‘regular and periodic’ be done so that the phrase becomes ‘maintaining personal contact’. Moved by Jesse Clayton, seconded by Sylvia Mason that the amended Mission and Goals be ratified. Carried.


Introduction of new slate of National Executive Officers.

Report by Ron McGuire, Election Committee Chair, supported by committee members: Mitzi Ross and Sandi Cameron.

The following people were nominated and agreed to serve in the position indicated:

Derrill Henderson: President
Murray Doull: 1st Vice-President
Helen Wedge: 2nd   Vice-President
Jim Trick: Secretary

Barry Mitchell: Treasurer


(Signed copy of Report on file)

10 New Business


a. Memorial Wall Committee Report.

Carol Hadley provided the background, status and anticipated future events related to the Memorial Wall Project (see PowerPoint Presentation).


Six persons are on the committee and have the artist renderings available to show the membership.

Fund-raising will only be done for the amount required to raise the wall itself – that is the goal.(however there is a contingency plan if the funds go over ie memorial for John Osborn & Gander)

Perpetual care will be provided by the National Capital Commission (but we have to put money into this fund which has been identified in our budget).


At this time the preferred site is of recycled material so may be unstable for our structure - any site that is selected requires environmental and soil stability testing and an alternate site may be selected. The Committee will have the deciding say on the site selection.

Costs are anticipated to be less than $100,000.00 and donations are coming in. Fund-raising events are being planned and proposals have been submitted for some corporate, agency and government funds also.

Donations will be accepted anytime and charitable donation receipts are available for income tax needs.HKVA members such as John Stroud and Flash will take the information forward to meetings in the fall.

Question: Is the cost estimate accurate?

Answer: At this time the unknown factor is the soil stability and environmental testing costs which will reflect on the type of foundation required.Question: What will happen to any excess funds received?Answer: Such funds will be directed to a memorial for John Osborne and for one of Gander. Any other monies will be used to provide memorial benches and safety lighting.



Carol led in the closing ceremonies, assisted by Phil Doddridge for the French version.

Motion by Mike Babin, seconded by Ron McGuire that the meeting be adjourned. Carried.