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Minutes – General Meeting – 16 August 2013 - Winnipeg, Manitoba

Approved at our General Meeting of August 2015.

1. Opening Ceremonies and Introduction of Veterans

Opening ceremonies were conducted by HKVCA President, Carol Hadley. Attendance was approximately 70 persons including the BOD. The six veterans in attendance were introduced.

2. Call to Order

Carol Hadley called the meeting to order at 9:15 a.m

Juliet Lafortune, Director MB Region, welcomed everyone to the convention and the meeting.

The current Board of Directors was introduced.

3. Minutes of the Last General Meeting (August 2011)

Read by the Secretary, Jim Trick.  Moved by Anne Trick, seconded by Sylvia Wiebe that the minutes be approved. Carried.

4. Treasurer’s Report

Copies were available for attendees at the meeting. Juliet Lafortune moved acceptance of the Treasurer’s Report (PDF) which will be entered into the minutes.  Seconded by Lee Naylor. Approved. 2012 Finance Statement (PDF).

5. National Presidents – Report

HKVCA President's Report (PDF)

6 Membership

Membership has dropped slightly from the last report. Status as of June:

Region R V W Total
Atl 62 5 4 71
BC 76 4 39 119
Prairie 229 10 56 295
ON 167 12 45 224
QC 65 10 42 117
Total 599 41 186 826


Figures are more reliable now that we have a consistent policy of dropping delinquent members after a year of non-payment.

7. Region Reports

Atlantic Region – Emmie Flanagan

Verbal report given. (No formal report received)

British Columbia – Lee Naylor

BC Report (PDF) Canadian Consulate General Letter

Ontario – Mark Purcell for Mike Babin

ON Report (PDF)

Quebec – Phil Doddridge on behalf of Lucette Mailloux Muir

QC Report (PDF)

Prairie – Juliet Lafortune

Prairie Region Report

8. Report on Education

Read: Education Report for AGM (PDF)

9. Election Results

The election report was read by Derrill Henderson. He noted that the individual in the position of Treasurer is now appointed vice elected as per agreement within the Board of Directors.

Introduction of the Executive for 2013-15

      President:  Carol Hadley

      1st Vice:  Gail Angel

      2nd Vice:  Emmie Flanagan

      Secretary:  Jim Trick

      Treasurer:  Barry Mitchell

      Past President:  Derrill Henderson

10. New Business

No business from the floor.

Widows in attendance were recognized.

Presentation of a plaque from the Royal Hong Kong Regiment representatives.

Margaret Owen made a short presentation about her new book "The Home Front: Hopscotch and Heartache"

Mona Thornton is compiling memorabilia from her father.

11. Adjournment

11:30 a.m.  Moved by Juliet Lafortune, seconded by Lee Naylor.  Carried.

12.   Closing Ceremonies

Colours were marched off.