HKVCA Commemorative Plaque


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The Hong Kong Veterans Commemorative Association is pleased to offer this unique commemorative plaque for installation in locations such as Royal Canadian Legion branches, high schools and retirement/long term care homes.


The plaque includes graphics that depict the Battle of Hong Kong, and is intended to commemorate the 1,976 Canadians who fought against the Japanese Imperial Army during December 1941. Nearly 300 were killed during that battle, over 500 were wounded, and those who survived were imprisoned as POWs for 3 years and 8 months under terrible conditions. More than 250 died while imprisoned. Many of those who eventually returned to Canada at war’s end suffered from illness and injury brought on by the brutal conditions of their imprisonment.

Please note that the concept of the plaque is not to recognize any one member of 'C' Force, but to commemorate all members. The design must not be altered in any manner without express permission of HKVCA.


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Published: October 2017
Updated: March 2018