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Draft Minutes - General Meeting - 14 Aug '09 - Ottawa

To be approved at our next General Meeting tentatively scheduled for August 2011.

Item # Item Discussion Results
1. Call to Order Derrill Henderson called the meeting to order at 10:10  
2. Welcome by HKVCA President    
3. Minutes of the Last General Meeting: Read by the Secretary. Moved by Pat Turcotte, seconded by Doug Rees that the minutes be approved. Carried
4. Treasurer's Report

Audited Financial Statement as of Dec 31, 2008 (PDF)

Explained by the Treasurer. Treasurer moved acceptance of the Treasurer's Report which will be entered into the minutes Handed out to attendees at meeting.


5. National Presidents - Reports: HKVA and HKVCA Mr. Doddridge indicated that he carries on as President HKVA, although he has never been elected. No one else volunteers for the job. His current task is to have the Hong Kong disk placed on as many grave markers as possible, but would like to enlist the help of younger folks to keep this initiative alive.

President HKVCA's report consisted of a presentation on the Wall project explaining the evolution of design and increase in costs.

6. Membership Report - as of June '09 The National Membership rep provided the figures below, noting that they are probably more accurate than they have been in the past because our membership policy has been formalized and is being applied consistently among the regions.

Vets: 84
Widows: 227
Regular: 576
Total: 887

All in attendance were asked to take steps to increase our membership.

7. Region Reports Via link Noted
8. Election Results (PDF) and Introduction of BOD for 2009-11 Submited by Carol Hadley, Chair Election Committee:

President: Derrill Henderson
1st Vice: Helen Wedge
2nd Vice: Murray Doull
Secretary: *
Treasurer: Barry Mitchell

*As no one was nominated as Secretary, the BOD, as per by-laws, with the support of the members present appointed Jim Trick for a further two years

9. Memorial Wall Report Drafted by Carol Hadley, read to the members present by the Secretary on her behalf Noted
10. New Business Nil  
11. Adjournment Moved by Lee Naylor, seconded by George Peterson Carried