Minutes of the 2017 Annual General Meeting (Draft)

Fredericton, New Brunswick, 18 August

Agenda (PDF)

Board Members Present: Gail Angel (Chair), Barry Mitchell, Ian Doull, Mike Babin, Mitzi Ross, Emmie Flanagan, Lucette Mailloux, Gerry Tuppert, Ruth Murgatroyd, Nancy Doddridge.

Copies of all reports were made available to members present.

The Opening Protocols were conducted by veteran Gerry Gerrard and Ted Terry, following which veterans Lawrence Ross and Jean-Paul Dallain were recalled, both deceased since the last AGM.

  1. Call to Order: Gail Angel called the meeting to order at 10:20 AM.
  2. Acknowledgement of Unceded Territory: Mi’kmaq and Malacite first nations were acknowledged.
  3. Presentation/Acceptance of minutes of the Last AGM, held in Ottawa, 10 December 2016: Ian Doull, Secretary, presented a summary of the 2016 minutes and referred attendees to the printed version. All present were in favour of acceptance; carried.
  4. Financial Statements and Auditor’s Report: Barry Mitchell, Treasurer, first thanked Ruth Murgatroyd for organising a successful convention, and presented a summary of his written report. He noted that no major projects were undertaken in the past year that required national funding, and noted that income has remained stable during the previous two years. All present were in favour of acceptance; carried.
  5. President’s Report: Gail Angel summarised her written report. She thanked IBM Canada, her employer, for its generous donations to the association. She acknowledged with thanks the work of Jim Trick who serves as Webmaster, Membership Chair and Newsletter Publisher; Dan James, Facebook; and the HKVCA and the Board for its confidence. There being no questions from the floor, the report was accepted and filed.
  6. Project Reports:
    1. Gail Angel summarised progress made on select projects: communications plan (Nancy Doddridge, lead), online membership renewals (Jim Trick and Barry Mitchell, leads), apology from Mitsubishi Motors Co. (Carol Hadley, lead), Order of St. George investitures (Mike Babin, lead), and membership database improvements (Mitzi Ross, lead).
    2. Battle of Hong Kong Coin: Reported under Prairie Regional Report (below)
    3. HKVCA Online services: Gail Angel summarised the written report provided by Jim Trick, and noted significant progress.
    4. Parking at the Memorial Wall: Derrill Henderson provided an update.
    5. Education Report: Emmie Flanagan discussed briefly the writing contest, and efforts to have George MacDonell’s book on Gander added to the school curriculum in Atlantic Canada.
  7. Regional Reports:
    1. B.C.: Gerry Tuppert acknowledged B.C. veteran Gerry Gerrard, and noted 19 widows in the province.
    2. Prairie: Barry Mitchell presented the report on behalf of Carol Hadley. He noted the Manitoba commemoration of the 71st anniversary of V-J Day; a ceremony at the Legislature for the release of the Battle of Hong Kong Coin; and results of Prairie-Region elections.
    3. Ontario: Mike Babin acknowledged the volunteers from Ontario Region. He noted the initiative under Lori Smith to place commemorative plaques in Legions and other places associated with our veterans, and her efforts to make grave markers available. He thanked Gail Angel for her service as President.
    4. Quebec: Lucette Mailloux summarised her report, noting the ongoing support for our veterans of Les Voltigeurs de Quebec, and the re-installation of the Royal Rifles’ plaque in the re-dedicated Quebec Drill Hall in May 2018.
    5. Atlantic: Ruth Murgatroyd highlighted convention planning, and the book launch by Andy Flanagan later in the convention.
  8. Election Results: Gail Angel presented the election results and acknowledged the work of Kathie Carlson as Chair, Elections Committee. All board members were acclaimed: Carol Hadley (Prairie Director), Mike Babin (Ontario Director), Barry Mitchell (Treasurer), Lucette Mailloux (Quebec Director), Gerry Tuppert (B.C. Director), Ian Doull (Secretary), Ruth Murgatroyd (Atlantic Director), Emmie Flanagan, and Mitzi Ross.
    At its July meeting, the Board of Directors confirmed the Executive: Mike Babin, President; Emmie Flanagan, Vice-President; Barry Mitchell, Treasurer; Ian Doull, Secretary.
  9. Business Plan for the Next Two Years: Gail Angel noted both projects in progress and those to be initiated over the next two years.
  10. Questions from the Floor: Ted Terry observed that the issue of parking at the Memorial Wall should be a priority, and that its location should be highlighted in Ottawa tourism information. He thanked Ruth Murgatroyd for her great efforts with this year’s convention, and asked if any thought has been given to the location of the next convention in 2019. Gerry Gerrard asked if an interpretation of his interview with a Japanese journalist had been undertaken, to which Gail responded that she would look into it, possibly through IBM.

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 11:30 AM.





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