Minutes of the 2016 Annual General Meeting

Ottawa, Ontario, 10 December

Executive Present: Gail Angel, President; Ian Doull, Secretary; Mike Babin, Ontario Regional Director, Mitzi Ross, 2nd Vice-President.

The following reports were made available in hard copy to all members present: Draft Minutes of the 2015 Annual General Meeting; Financial Statement and Auditor’s Report for the year 2015; Regional Reports from Prairie, Ontario, Quebec, Atlantic; President’s Report (including Business Plan for the next two years).

  1. Call to Order: Following the Opening Protocols and a Minute of Silence in honour of those veterans deceased since the last AGM, Gail Angel called the meeting to order at 1:45 PM. In her opening remarks, Gail acknowledged the generosity of Veterans’ Affairs Canada in subsidising the events of the day. She also explained the changes in federal regulations which now require non-profit organisations to hold general meetings annually.

  1. Minutes of the Last Annual General Meeting, held in Ottawa on 14 August 2015: The Minutes were read by Ian Doull, Secretary. It was moved by Ted Terry and seconded by Derrill Henderson that the minutes be approved. Carried.

  1. Financial Statements and Auditor’s Report:  Members were referred to the printed reports. There being no response to the President’s call for questions, it was moved by Mike Babin and seconded by Mitzi Ross that the statements be accepted. Carried.

  1. Regional Reports: Gail Angel briefly summarized the highlights of the reports.

    1. Ontario. Report Mike Babin presented his report, and thanked Lori Smith and Mark Purcell for their work in the Region. Derrill Henderson thanked Lori for her work on the monument badges.

    2. Prairie. Report Gail noted the high level of activity in Prairie, and the frequency of events of national significance occurring regionally.

    3. Quebec. Report The restoration/re-dedication of the Royal-Rifles-of-Canada plaque in Quebec City in May was highlighted.

    4. Atlantic. Report The contents of the report were summarised briefly.

There being no response to the President’s call for questions, all Regional Reports were officially filed.

  1. Election Results: Gail presented the results of elections held in August 2015, terms in effect on 1 September 2015.

Gail Angel President

Nancy Doddridge 1st Vice President

Mitzi Ross 2nd Vice President

Barry Mitchell Treasurer

Ian Doull Secretary

Phil Doddridge Hong Kong Veterans’ Association

Mike Babin Ontario Regional Director

Gerry Tuppert B.C. Regional Director

Carol Hadley Prairie Regional Director

Lucette Mailloux Quebec Regional Director

Emmie Flanagan** Atlantic Regional Director


** Following the resignation of Emmie Flanagan from this position, regional elections were held resulting in Ruth Murgatroyd becoming the new Director. The Board of Directors subsequently appointed Emmie to the position of Education Program Manager, until her current Board term expires in August 2017.


6, 7. President’s Report/Two-Year Business Plan: (PDF) Gail noted that eight initiatives identified in the business plan were currently underway or pending, to be completed within the next two years, and referred the members to her printed report for details.

8. Questions from the Floor:

In response to the question regarding presentation of the Order of St. George to those veterans who had not yet been inducted, Mike Babin replied that the Order is aware of the situation, has apologised for the situation which is due to logistical complications, and remains committed to inducting all remaining living Hong Kong Veterans.

Derrill Henderson updated the membership on the Mitsubishi Corporation apology. He noted that the current VAC minister is interested in this issue, and his staff are searching for the evidence required to link the company to the use of our veterans as slave labour during their period of captivity.

Mike Babin requested an update on the proposed 2017 convention, nominally scheduled for Atlantic. The Chair responded that an update is expected at the January 2017 Board-of Directors meeting.

It was moved by Mitzi Ross and seconded by Alan Sandeman that the business plan be accepted. Carried.

There being no further business, it was moved by Derrill Henderson and seconded by Jo-Anne Scaffidi that the meeting be adjourned. Carried, at 2:25 PM.

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