Charles Richard Trick - Life and Times

1942 Diary


1 Jan New Years Day and we move from Jubilee Building to other quarters. We have a bit of tea.Buy a few buns (?) at fence. Very hungry. All wondering what this year will bring.

2 Meals fairly good but rations can't last out. Eating a lot of rice.

4 Went to church. Compulsory.

7 Went over and saw Goose in ?? [ed note: Goose is the nickname of Harry Gyselman]. Had a cup of coffee and a snack. Boy it tasted real good.

11 Jack and I went to voluntary church parade. All we get now is rice twice a day and sometimes tea at noon. Gee I'm as weak as a chicken. Smokes nearly done.

15 Plenty of rumours around. Wish they were true. Nothing to mention. Out of smokes.

18 Sun. Didn't go to church.

21 Nothing to report. Every day is the same. The time passes fairly fast tho each day brings us closer to home. See Goose every day.

22 Overhear we are moving to North Point in morning. Everybody glad. Spend evening trying to trade clothes for cigs. We are glad to get away from Limeys.

23 Moved to North Point Camp. Just Can. ?? mad. Get good meal before leaving, arrive at 2PM and get tea. Later bully and rice and ?? . Tastes real good.

24 Porridge for breakfast. Moved to hut 21. Joe, Bill, Jack, Archie, Dave and I all sleeping in one long row. Rations 100% better.

25 Sun. Went to church. Nothing doing.

28 Bill trades tunic for 4 pk cigs. Gee we smoke.

29 Help make stoves today in kitchen.

30 Still working on stoves.

31 Move from ?? Bld to the others quarters with Jack, ??, Dave, Bill, Joe and Archie. Rice with bully beef etc. Sure is great. Feel much stronger today. New Years Eve. Much better than Xmas Eve. We are all together again. (I don't know why this entry is where it is in the diary - Jim)

February 1942

1 Officers take clothes from men. Go to church.

2 Jack feeling sick

3 Jack goes to hospital with disentry. Archie gets 4 ?? cigs for cig case.

4 Ration party today. Got 2 smks. Caught ?? more ?? mugs for supper. Tasted real good.

5 Kind of damp out. Did PT. Japs roll call. Issued with 9 cigs per man. Just in time. Really out. Played the padre checkers.

6 Just another day. Played checkers with Dave nearly all day. ?? getting lazy. Saw Goose in evening. Rations pretty good today. Blackout tonite for some reason.

7 Jack comes from hospital. Clean huts again. Had last smoke at supper time. Have to start snipping or else quit.

8 Sunday again and sort of drizzling. Rained heavy toward evening. Joe got 2 pk cigs another life saver. Saw Goose in evening. Went to church.

9 Very wet out. No smokes. Very quiet day.

10 Still drizzling. A few more sick arrive here. No smokes yet. Rations cut.

11 Damp in morning. Rations shorter. Very cold. No smokes at all.

12 Got 10 cigs in advance on Archies knife in RN. Room ord. Today. Joe got 10 cigs from Sgt ?? we smoke. First casualty list published in orders. 79 dead. 58 missing. Traded my lighter for 6 pks cigs to Jap sentry. 3 tonite and 3 in morning. Dave saw some meat come in tonite. Not sure what kind any way it’s a dead animal and its meat.

13 Friday 13th. It was mutton Dave said we had some for dinner. Ran out of wood

14 St. Valentine’s day and no valentine. Oh well, next year I’ll have one. Still wet and terribly cold. …to go on D.B. guard tomorrow.

15 Sunday today. No church parade as it is too cold. ..sick so not on guard. Cop 1 pk cigs from Gray(?) for knife. Joe found some lice today had soap issue.

16 A little warmer today. Ran out of smokes last nite and at noon traded Jacks issue ? for 2 pks cigs. Something always seems to turn up. Went sick and got duty. Hear Singapore has fallen. I hope its not true also hear of Red Cross help.

17 Did P.T. today. Ran out of smokes at nite. Just another day. I found lice. We all have them.

18. Drizzling today a little bit warmer. Started in kitchen grinding powder no smokes. Ate good.

19 Still working in kitchen nothing new. Ate good. Got 9 cigs for ?.

20 Still in kitchen and still no sun. haven’t seen sun since Feb 7th. Eating good. Gave ? britches to trade for cigs…a shot in arm for colara.

21 Nothing new. Pinched(?) can. No smokes.

22 Sunday again. Time is going fast. Damp and cold all day. No church and no smokes.

23 Nothing new. Really warmed up. Cleaning huts. … no smokes.

24 Lovely and warm. Still in kitchen. Had a beef sandwich today boy was it good. No smokes

25. Nothing new. No smokes. Went on a scrounge party. It seemed funny on the outside. No smokes. Eating good.

26 Everything about the same.

27 Street cars started running today. Nothing else to mention. Traded bread for cig.

28 Started laying bricks. Still no smokes.

March 1942

Mar 1 Sunday. Church parade but didn’t go. Still laying brick. Traded bread for smoke.

2 Still laying brick. Rained today. 3 rifles and 2 sailors supposed to have escaped.

  1. Back in kitchen. Had eggs today. Boy were they high. Dated 1909. Weighed 144.

  2. More strong eggs today. Nothing new. Been married 5 months today.

  3. Very warm today. Had an issue of soap also had feed of baked fish. Trade bread for cigs

  4. Helped Bill J. build rice bin. Very warm. Moved to bunks.

  5. Cool today. Got fired in kitchen for a couple of days.

  6. Sunday again. Skipped church parade. No rations. No bread. Traded can of milk for 10 cigs.

  7. Cool today & nothing new.

  8. Rained today. Japs take tools, radio flashlights etc

  9. Big Jap inspection today. Rations very poor and quarters crowded. Hope it helps traded knife for 6 cigs

  10. Flour (?) came in again today. Nothing new. Dreamed of home last nite. As usual ran out of smokes

  11. Fri the 13th again. Boy what ? but nothing happens. The Japs senser(?) our books

  12. Another big inspection today. Several more pass out on parade. Japs threw cig over fence. My first cig for 3 days. Concert on square in evening. Hear of 48 hr truce with Britain(?)

  13. Again its Sunday and its raining so there is no church. Joe gets 3 cigs for his playing cards. In the evening we are told that a canteen is starting tomorrow.

  14. The canteen came in but went out again as the prices were to high. Oh well its all in a life time I guess. The rations were good today … ends traded an egg for a smoke.

  15. The Japs celebrated another victory today. The Dutch East Indies this time. A strong rumour around that the Japs have asked for peace(?) If not Australia is next. I sure hope .. it. We are on ration party today and sure eat good. Big inspection by Jap. High command tomorrow…

  16. The colonel gave us a speech today and told us our casualty list had not gone in yet. But it soon would also that we were going to be able to write home soon. Gee …. The Jap inspection went off OK. Rations good.

  17. Heard today Canadians landed in Australia. Rations not so good today. I’m sure hungry. Lice are bad too.

  18. Just another day. Haven’t spoken to ? for nearly two weeks. Rations getting less. I’m sure hungry. Had kit inspection today. It’s a great life.

  19. Made out our work report today. Also another casualty list was filled out. Saw Goose in evening. Archie heard the news in Eng tonite its good. It came from the guards radio. Rations pretty slim.

(Following entries in pencil and very hard to read)

  1. Sunday ….. Rations fair

  2. Nothing to mention. ….

  3. Rations good. Turned in another work sheet for Jan

(Following entries in ink)

  1. Went on scrounge party today. Got some ? to fix my bed.

  2. Ration party today. Fixed my bed with sack. The boards are too hard. Turned in work sheet for Mar 1 – 20th. ? we would get paid. Job is 60c …

  3. Cooler today. Nothing new. Rations good.

  4. Warmer today, rations poor. Egg sandwich at noon. Supper good. Deep fried fish. Heard good news re war today. British bombed Black Forest, etc. Change of guard. Old guard has gone to front at Canton.

  5. Sunday today and national day of prayer for Br Empire. I went to church in AM and was going at night but it rained. Bill gave me ½ cig. Real hungry all day. Lice are getting bad again.

  6. When we woke up it was raining. It rained all day. We ate in the huts. Traded an egg for a cigarette. Its nearly 2 wks since I’ve had one. What a treat.

  7. The last day of March and its really raining all day. Rations poor.

April 1942

  1. April Fools Day. Nice out today. Japs busy hauling ammunition etc. all day. Joe goes to Hospital with dissentry.

  2. Fairly warm today. Japs make us muster right after supper. Don’t know why. Fixed my bed. It broke last nite.

  3. Good Friday today. Went to church in AM. Had Hot Cross bun for breakfast and a pancake for supper. Sure am hungry. I wish the Cooks would feed us instead of trying out a bunch of junk. Officers got paid today.

  4. …ration party today. Its our 6 months wedding anniversary too. I wonder what the next six months will bring. I traded 1 slice of bread for a cig to celebrate. Fixed my bed all afternoon. Nice day.

  5. Easter Sunday. Went to church. Joe comes from hospital. Rains in eve. Fay gave us a cig between us before going to bed. It sure tasted good.

  6. Easter Monday. Rained nearly all day. Had a smoke at nite. Col Sutcliffe dies.

  7. Word was received today that Lt Col J.?R. Sutcliffe died at Bowen Road hospital last nite at 6 o’clock. Capt Norris told us on parade today. Funeral at 4 PM. He was supposed to have had dissentry, malaria and enimic. We had fried whole steaks for supper. What a treat. Had a muster parade at 11 o’clock at nite.

  8. We cleaned huts today. A couple of fellows came from hospital (indecipherable)

  9. Very warm today. Nothing new. I sold my ? at nite for 3 cigs afternoon 4PM

  10. Hot today. Went on scrounge go some rubber hose for ? and a board to make a checker board. Weighed 140 lbs. Rations very good.

  11. Cold and damp. The hospital is full. ? of making it bigger. Dissentry very bad. Rice not so bad.

  12. Nice day and its Sunday. Church at nite but didn’t go. Had a real good supper. Whole patties. Guy gave us 2 pks cigs for ??? Walked (worked?) on them most of day

  13. On rations again today also worked for pioneers building ?.

  14. Working for pioneers today again. Rations should have come in but all that came in was barbed wire and rice. Kind of tough going. Had meat patties and buns, rice gravy and tea for supper. Made a hamburger.

  15. My stomach sure did kick up last nite. Not used to hamburgers I guess. Big Jap inspection today. Made ?? in AM. Making another pair of shoes.

  16. The Japs put an electric fence around the compound. Don’t know how much juice there is in it and don’t intend to touch it anyway. We think they are scared of something. Dave says he saw gun flashes to the north at nite. We are wondering how long before lead will be flying again. That means more Blood and God knows we’ve seen enough. We cleaned huts in the AM and ? and I built a box for pioneers in PM.

  17. Cool and damp all day. Still with pioneers. The navy got word at 1600 hrs to be ready to move in morning. Buns sold for 4 cigs. We are glad the limeys are going. No news.

  18. Jap sentries dog was electrocuted last nite. Guess we had better stay away from the fence. The navy left today … It rained all day. Just at supper time about 50 Can arrived. Sure glad to see the old gang. Ray F. was among them. Haven’t seen him yet. Saw Sgt Marsh. Can hardly see any scar on his face at all. He is a little hard of hearing tho. It brought back a lot of unpleasant thoughts. Glad to see Jack Aubert to. ..hear that Ted Harity (?) is in hospital on the main land. He was listed as dead.

  19. Japs had roll call today. A Btn ?? also brought in as many rations as they did when the navy was here. We have to move to hut 161 in morning. Saw Raf F. he is looking good the same as ever. Haven’t seen him since war was declared. Sunday today no church on account of rain.

  20. We moved today. Bill Dave Joe and I got nice bunks. Worked with pioneers in AM and spent afternoon fixing up bed. Rations good. Showery all day.

  21. Bill went to the hosp with dissentry. Its sure bad. I’m wondering when my turn will come. Cloudy and cool all day. The Japs are planting shrubs as … fixing up our area. Sure looks nice.

  22. Jap inspection today on rations. Dave and I room orderly. Started wearing my shoes.

  23. Transferred to pioneers today. I wonder what next. Strong rumour that Russia has declared war on Japan. Bill M., Jack Hay, Dave Bill all in pioneers.

  24. Cloudy and cool all day. No smokes and dam little to eat. Rations came in tonite rice and flour.

  25. Well its 6 months today since we las saw or heard anything from home. I wonder how everything is and what’s going on. Doug is often in my thoughts and I wonder where he is. Its no joke this. If we could get word back and forth from home I could stick this easy enough but it’s a long time not to hear anything from those at home. Its cloudy and showery all day.

  26. Another Sunday is here and it rained nearly all day. Bill came from hospital and he sure looked terrible. Sure hope I don’t get it too. I had to run twice after supper. Tiny M. told me he’s lost 83 lbs. Spent AM scrubbing my overalls.

  27. Still showery. This is the rain season .. and rotten all day. Went to bed early. Bill M. has Berry-berry and his legs are all puffed up. An awful lot of sickness in camp.

  28. Still feeling tough. Went sick with my eyes feels like dingy(?) to me. Rained nearly all day. In evening had a concert in E.G. (?) It was a good evening. Canteen was in got 1 pk.

  29. Well for the last few nites in succession I’ve dreamed of home so we must be going home soon (I hope). Supposed to be a Jap inspection today but after waiting on the parade square for about an hr and some of the guys passing out it didn’t come off. Got issued with a small bar of laundry soap and Major Baird gave us 1 Cig each. This is a big day in Japan. The Emperor’s birthday or something so they gave us a good supper. Rice, white gravy and whole steak, 2 baked sweet potatoes, stewed dates and a bun. It was quite a treat. I still feel a bit rotten but nothing to worry about.

  30. We had to pay for our meal today. We nearly starved. The Japs started building something in camp here today. I think its an anchor to turn a boat over. I still feel rough so am going to bed early.

May 1942

  1. Our afternoon muster is at 1930 hrs starting today. Nothing much new Still ….

  2. Went sick today and have to go back tomorrow. We heard today that (indecipherable)

  3. Today is Sun. I sure wish I was able to get word home today. Went sick this morning and have to go to bed had a temp. Got orders today to print Canada on the parade square and on the roofs of huts in white.

  4. Been married 7 months today but it sure doesn’t seem like it . Showery all day. I’m still on sick parade. Officers ?

  5. Dr sent me to bed today and cut my ?? off. Lt. ? Hughes gave 4 cigs to each of Transport. Looks as if the Japs are expecting trouble around here.

  6. Gordon’s birthday today. He must be 14. also Jap inspections. Practice air raid at nite. Went sick and had to go to bed.

  7. Still on sick parade. Had a ? concert in evening . There is supposed to be a broadcast to Canada from this camp. The CO and 2 Sgts and 2 Ptes will ? Goose was here in the evening for awhile.

  8. Caught a couple of guys with sugar in their kit so locked them up. ? to mention.

  9. Heard heavy Jap losses in naval battle. Also Jap wounded coming in here. Bill has BeryBery and has to take pills.

  10. Another Sunday and its Mothers Day. Drizzling all day. Still on sick parade. I feel pretty good. Chinese sabotage last nite. ?? water again.

  11. Real hot today. Ed Oakford went to ? Road hospital with dissentry. (undecipherable)

  12. Heard artillery .. today. May have been a practice. Had a concert in evening. Each man got a cigarette from the officers. Sold my ?? for 6 cigs. They …

  13. Nothing new and no news. Showery. On rations.

  14. Rained all ? Nothing new.

  15. Quiet day. Bert Jessup spent evening talking.

  16. Terribly hot a lot like Jamaica. The Japs are taking a moving picture the last few days of the invasion of Hong Kong.

  17. Another Sun and nothing new.

  18. Showery today. Hear we are going to be able to write home. I sure hope so. ?? Hughes gave us a handful of ? each. They sure tasted good – took down Canada sign.

  19. Been prisoner for 5 months now. I wonder how much longer. Rained all day. Had the spelling match at nite. I was in it but our platoon lost.

  20. Hear that the officers are going to give us 3 cigs per day. Seeing is believing. Jap ? today but it rained.

  21. On rations today. No extra. Showery all day. Nothing new.

  22. Went sick today with my stomach. Have to take medicine for 6 days. Showery all day. … for rain.

  23. We all had to sign an affidavit today swearing not to attempt to escape while prisoners. …

  24. The 24th of May and its Sunday too. The canteen came in again. Didn’t go to church. Haven’t been for weeks. Worked on … nearly all day.

  25. Sick again so is Dave and Joe. Ate very little all day. Very hot.

  26. Quite a few of the boys are sick…. Japs cut rations 20% …

  27. Terribly hot. Bill went to hospital. Slated for Bowen Rd. I still feel rotten. Had a good stew at nite. Soap, towels, etc came in. Pioneers are starting to fix up a post office. Had medical and I weigh 135 lbs.

  28. Got issued with soap, towel, foot powder, brush, toilet paper. …

  29. On rations today. Had roast beef for supper. Orders were published re mail home so I guess we are going to be able to write. Bill went to Bowen Rd.

  30. Rations very poor today. ?? came in for tomorrow. Terrible heat. Mr Owen Hughes gave us each 4 cigs. ? of clothes came in.

  31. Another Sunday. We got issued with some clothes today. Also drew paper.

June 1942

  1. Real hot today. Wrote to Helen today. It sure seemed funny.

  2. Cooler today but I still can’t eat much. Mailed my letter today but it was returned and had to be rewritten. Had a concert at nite. BPT parade in AM.

  3. Well it looks as if we are back in the army again. The officers have us shining our boots now and on parade in a certain dress. The sure are making things as miserable for us as possible. Ran out of flour.

  4. Well its 8 months today since we were married. The time is sure flying. I wonder if when a year is up will still be here. I don’t think so. We had our prison numbers given to us yesterday. .. is 5170. We .. Germany has quit again.

  5. Real hot and nothing new. Felt better than I have for a month.

  6. ? day on rations. Feel good.

  7. Sunday today. 2 yrs today since we left for Jamaica. Joe goes to hospital.

  8. ? today. Gosse decides to sell his watch and give one part(?).

  9. Strong rumour of a move before they … next month. Got ½ of a bar of lifebuoy soap.

  10. Jap inspection today. Very hot.

  11. Nothing new.

  12. Hear of working parties going out.

  13. Had a funny dream of Helen last nite. Won’t mention now what it is. More ??

  14. Sunday again. Sold my pens(?) for 4 pkgs cigs. …working parties…

  15. The working party … We had breakfast at 06:45 ..

  16. Still on kitchens. Eat good. Rained all day.

  17. Nothing new. Very hot. Jap ..

  18. Joe goes to hospital. Hear a bit of good news. Eat good.

  19. Still in kitchen. Have about 20 doughnuts. Joe goes to Bowen Rd

  20. HQ working party goes out today. I finished in kitchen last nite. ? goes out. I wrote to Helen again.

  21. Sunday today. I’m 26 today. ??

  22. Nothing new. Fairly cool.

  23. Went on working party today got 8 cigs. Goose and Doug and I have the kitchen.

  24. Poor rations today. ? meat since Sunday. Rained all day.

  25. 6 months since … I wonder how much longer. Meat came in today. On guard ? officers quarters at nite.

  26. Nothing to mention.

  27. On a working party at the Airport. Got 2 cigs. Hear the Japs are confiscating all radios …

  28. Sunday and very warm.

  29. Officers paid today. Got 2 pks cigs from Sgt Payne … Kowloon blacked out.

  30. Working party again at airport.

July 1942

  1. Showery. Concert at nite.

  2. Rained all day. Working party. Came back at noon. Strong rumour of moving.

  3. Jap inspection at 10AM. Moving rumour persists.

  4. Got paid today. 30Sen and bought 2 pkgs cigs. Also on sick parade with sore throat.

  5. Throat is sure sore. This is Sunday. Moving rumours persist.

  6. All out on working party. I didn’t go. Throat too sore.

  7. Nothing new. Showery.

  8. Japs didn’t have inspection today on account of rain.

  9. Showery all day. Nothing new.

  10. Rained all day. I’ve ?? 1st typhoon warning. Dave gets 7 days for making a complaint. Rumours still persist.

  11. Clear today. Typhoon missed.

  12. Sunday again and quiet.

  13. Out at Airport working … Got in fight at nite. ??

  14. Showery today. Debugged my bed. Not much new.

  15. Rained all day and real heavy. No Jap inspection. Boys from Bowen Rd say news (?) is confirmed. No parades on account of rain.

  16. Rained all day and nite. No parades. News still the same.

  17. Still showery. Rations poor.

  18. Cleaned huts today. Very quiet. Officers supposed to have luncheon .. Commandants.

  19. Been prisoner 7 months now. Today is Sunday. Jap sentry says we leave in 10 days.

  20. Showery today. Our boat is supposed to have docked in Africa.

  21. Rained all nite and all day. No parades.

  22. Rained all day. No parades.

  23. No rain today. Supposed to be out in 3 weeks.

  24. Showery today again. Japs told Rifle cooks we leave Aug 18th.

  25. Rifles out working today. We go tomorrow.

  26. Today is Sun and 400 (?) of us went out working. Got hell for not doing enough. A great way to spend Sunday. Making a Jap air base.

  27. Cleaned huts today. Also worked taking down swing. Rations terrible.

  28. On rations today. More about exchange in ???

  29. Rainy and windy all day. Work party came back early. Jap inspection. Weighed 124 lbs yesterday. Joe came from Bowen Road.

  30. Rations very poor. Showery.

  31. Rained nearly all day. No parades. No meat for one week.

August 1942

  1. Showery today as usual.

  2. Sunday no parades raining.

  3. Rained all day. Bill goes to hospital again. Canteen came in. Still no meat.

  4. Got paid today. 20 sens got 13 cigs. Queen(?) Hughes gave us 2 cigs each. Been married 10 mo today. Seems funny.

  5. Jap ins inside today. No rain.

  6. On rations today. No meat for 2 wks. Dry and hot.

  7. Nothing new. Dry and hot.

  8. Nothing new. Dry and hot.

  9. Sunday. Bill came from hosp.

  10. Hot all day. Nothing new. Hear they are cleaning out Bowen Rd. 20 came in today.

  11. Work party went today. I was taken off at last minute. Went on ration party to mainland. Got some sugar, dates and peanuts. Had inquiry over sugar. Enjoyed it very much.

  12. No Jap ins today. We were all up in front of the Jap… the sugar and he says he is going to cut rations for the camp 50% for 2 wks. Its terrible … had to take back sugar.

  13. On work party at airport cutting grass. Goose was out on ration party. Some ladies gave them some candies and their ?

  14. Things are pretty bad in camp. Over 250 on sick parade yesterday. Had no meat for over a month. Conditions are worse than than they ever were. The MO … Got issued with five tooth pastes, soap and paper.

  15. We have to keep from congregating on account of disease. Its .. Btn muster parades, Baseball, etc.

  16. Today is Sunday and rations all getting worse.

  17. Rations terrible. Dates for breakfast. Soup for dinner. Japs take our ??

  18. Joe is out on working party today. Nothing new. I filled out a form for farming for Japs.

  19. Wind and rain all day. Both parades inside.

  20. 1st escape of Can was last nite. Johnny Payne, George Belzinski, Adams and Ellice left at 0130 hrs. We had a muster parade in AM. … one of Japs. The Japs new about 12 o’clock. The Japs won’t let us sleep outside anymore.

  21. A lot of new rules and regulations came out today. Just foolish things.

  22. On working party today. Real hot .. grass. Put on .. picquet.

  23. Sunday. Very quiet nothing new.

  24. Had to move in platoons today. The 4 of us sort of got split up. We haven’t got as nice a place. Rations rotten.

  25. Rations came in today. Nothing new. It’s 10 months today since we last … home.

  26. .. Jap inspections called off. .. comes from Bowen Rd with word of Jim Chapman’s death. Also ?? from E Coy … look pretty bad.

  27. Jap insp today …. Outside our huts.

  28. The Japs took .. Adams and McNaughton (?) today to serve 5 days at Stanug(?) Prison. Each of them were sent … in the hut of the guys who escaped.

  29. On working party today. Also 1 year ago today since I left Jamaica. The Japs have big muster parade at nite. We stand in rain from 0130 until 0500 hrs.

  30. It is Sunday again and we have a late breakfast. Nothing new.

  31. European …. Bill M. to Bowen Rd.

September 1942

  1. Dave, Bill and Joe and work party. Came back early.

  2. Mother and Dad’s wedding anniversary today. We got paid 30sen. I drew. On rations.

  3. Well its 3 years today since war was declared and when I think of it it doesn’t seem that long. I was .. for Lindsay at Rosetown then. I hope things change soon.

  4. We hear a boat is loading in Africa with parcels for us. Hope its true.

  5. On working party today. Terribly hot. Hear of Moffat dying at Bowen Rd.

  6. Sunday again and nothing new. A big thunderstorm towards evening.

  7. Working parties are cancelled. We hear the Yanks have the Lomn islands. A lot of sickness in camp. Carrying .. stretchers all the time.

  8. We got sugar instead of ?? this morning. Hope it keeps up.

  9. Japs have big search this morning. They issue us face masks…. Death. The boys are sure dying fast.

  10. Nothing happens today except a moving rumour started again.

  11. Well a year ago today I landed home from Jamaica. ??? I sure wish I could …

  12. Rocky Smith of B Coy died early this morning in the Camp hospital. Lately .. now hear 2 or 3 dying every day. Things are really bad and I sure thank God I’m well.

  13. Sunday and I spent afternoon fixing a PI. Square for the Japs. They gave us tea and 3 cigs. Moving rumours hot.

  14. Another work party goes out again tomorrow.

  15. Work party went out but came in early as it rained all day.

  16. A few amputation .. came in from Bowen Rd.

  17. Dave and Bill out working. The work is really tough now. ….

  18. Nothing new. We got a soap and towels.

  19. Joe and I on work party. The Japs have us cigarettes and candies. A year ago today I ---

  20. Sunday again and rifles on work party.

  21. ?? birthday today. .. on work party. We hear of Bill Kardk(?), Doug Moore .. of B Coy dying at Bowen Rd.

  22. They are cleaning out camp of all “C” men.

  23. On work party again. Ben Neufelt and a big gang came from Bowen Rd. A bunch more ?? left here for ---- yesterday.

  24. We hear tonite we are moving Sham-shi-po on Saturday.

  25. On work party today and came in and had to pack to be ready to go in morning.

  26. On work party today also moved to Sham-shi-po.

  27. On work party. Bed bugs terrible.

  28. On work party. Terribly hot. Tobacco issue.

  29. On work party. Nothing new.

  30. On work party. Cpl Everork dies … today.

October 1942

  1. On work party again.

  2. Got our throat swabs today also told there is red cross parcels in ..

  3. On work party.

  4. Well I’ve been married 1 year today. So I guess I’m an old married man. It’s also Sunday.

  5. On work party and 2 rifles died last nite.

  6. On work party. Canteen came in and I got 7 decks of cigs.

  7. Robideaux died last nite. Every day someone dies. It’s getting terrible. Goose is a diphtheria(?) carrier. We all wonder who is next.

  8. Doug’s birthday today. I hope he is able to celebrate a bit. .. sick with sore throat.

  9. Nothing new except deaths. Rained all day. In work party. Got throat swabs again. Dr sent me to bed for 2 days with sore throat and fever.

  10. Sunday. 5 deaths last nite.

  11. We hear that the last ship leaving ?? with Eng prisoners was sunk. 1400 drowned and 400 saved.

  12. Still feeling rotten with sore throat. Some … last nite.

  13. Japs set up ak ak gun and put ?? 3 funerals today …??

  14. Still sick with my throat. Not much new.

  15. Rained nearly all day. Work party came home early. Had soap issued.

  16. God paid 10 sen today. 3 died last nite.

  17. Went to hospital today with diphtheria. I got a shot. I don’t … this.

(following transcription taken from small black diary)

Diary of P.O.W. No. 1540 - C.R. Trick - Camp 3D & 6B

October 1942 (cont'd)

  1. Today is Sunday and nothing new. Feel good.

  2. Feeling good. A rifle died last nite

  3. Nothing new

  4. Nothing new

  5. Helen’s birthday today. She’s 24. Wish I was there ...??. Some of the boys got mail

  6. Some more boys got mail

  7. We move to Jarb?? Building. Terribly cold and I have my battledress on.

  8. A year ago today we left Wpg and not a word from home since. I sure wonder how everyone is. American bombers have come at last. About 8:30 PM they dropped a few bombs. Everyone excited.

  9. About 2 A.M. there was another Air Raid; the docks were bombed.

  10. Nothing new, still a few dying

  11. More bombing this morning. Stan Foster died

  12. Very quiet and nothing new.

  13. Very quiet. No bombing but blackout at nite

  14. Nothing new. Still blackout.

November 1942

  1. Convalesing now

  2. Had some goat grease for breakfast. Real good.

  3. A lot of men dying every day from disentry.

  4. Red Cross party has been ?? every day for a week. No work party for 3 days.

  5. 2 rifles died last nite from dissentry. If it isn’t one thing its another

  6. No working parties lately but every day a party goes out working with red cross staff.

  7. There is quite a bit of Red Cross food. All ?? had is a bit of goat grease. Rangoon falls.

  8. Another Sunday and very quiet.

  9. We fear that Lt Harker died at Bowen Road.

  10. Red Cross parties still going out also work parties again

  11. Armistice day and nothing new. I hope there’s another armistice soon.

  12. Very quiet nothing new. They take sick men on work parties now.

  13. Had shortcake for supper. War news good.

  14. A few moved out today to the carrier area.

  15. Another Sunday. They made the work party walk home from Kai-Tek.

  16. Well today makes a year in China and what a year. I’ve been a prisoner 11 months.

  17. Red Cross parties have quit going out but working parties still are. We hear Germany’s nearly finished

  18. Very quiet. Barry(?) Robinson died last nite.

  19. Been raining for 3 days now and still raining.

  20. A lot of troop movement ??. Russia ??? war of Japan. Canton has fallen.

  21. Red Cross bully, raisins etc came in we got 2 oz Bully per man for supper

  22. Got 2 oz Bully today and 2 oz raisins. Sunday today.

  23. Got 3 cigs and soap from ?? Air raid today. Japs wearing steel helmets. Got 2oz raisins.

  24. Stanley bombed early this morning. Had 2(?) oz bully and 2 oz raisins today.

  25. Had 1oz sugar today. Ed gets job cooking.

  26. Had 2oz bully today. Nothing new.

  27. Ed starts cooking. Turk(?) comes in. 2oz bully.

  28. Still a few dying. Red Cross parcels came in.

  29. Well we got our Red Cross parcel today and is it ever good. Boy we eat. ?? died last nite.

  30. Quiet

December 1942

  1. No blackout tonite first time in weeks.

  2. Eating good these parcels are sure good

  3. Big insp today.

  4. Dave tells me Bill is in hospital with diarrehea.

  5. Still no blackout very quiet.

  6. Parcel nearly finished.

  7. My eyes are getting bad we are supposed to move to car(??) Tuesday.

  8. A year ago today since war was declared. A blackout tonite.

  9. Lights on again last nite. I have a fever.

  10. A bunch moved out today. I didn’t go on account of my heart(?).

  11. Got some clothes(?) issued today.

  12. Bills birthday.

20 A prisoner over a year now. Very quiet week. Nothing new.

21 Big Jap inspection today. More RC ??? parcels.

22 Were supposed to have a rice less day on Xmas . They are holding back a bit of grub each day for Xmas.

23 It was announced on parade tonite that each man would get 10 yen from Canada.

24 Pretty quiet today got 10 yen from the people of Canada. I bought some biscuits. A riceless day tomorrow. Got a bit of music for Xmas Eve. I feel kind of homesick.

25 Xmas Day and a year since Hong Kong surrendered. The officers gave each man ½ lb of salt, 10 cigs and about ½ lb biscuits. Maj Baird was in to see me and gave me 2 cigs. We had a riceless day allright. Menu: Breakfast 2 eggs, Porridge, stewed pears, ??, bun and cocoa. Dinner 3 oz Bully, fish and tomatoe sauce. Fried potatoes and greens. Supper 16oz M&V, pudding, tea. Tea at 3PM Tea & cake 1 ½ buns

Nothing happened in the last week and here it is the last day of the year.