Policy and Procedures: Region Elections


November 18, 2003


Administration 004


Region Elections


To conduct elections of the Region Executive members of the Corporation




That the Regions hold elections by written ballot every two years following the same procedure as the National body.  This was approved in August 2003 at the National Convention in Victoria.

A committee of four persons shall be required to conduct the election, namely Chair of the Elections Committee, Elections Officer, and two Scrutineers.  The Region Executive shall approve the committee members.

This committee shall prepare the Call for Nomination document (similar to National) to be issued to all Regional shareholders (members in good standing) in the December issue of the regional newsletter prior to the election year and receive the completed documents. 

Committee shall verify that Nominator and Nominee must be Members in good standing.  Nominations do not need a seconder.

Nominators should receive a note of agreement from the Nominee complete with a short biography – this is to be requested in and submitted with the Call for Nominations.  The Committee shall retain the written acceptances and the short biography until the election has been declared.

Timeline for returned nominations and ballots shall be 14 days as established in National Bylaws.

Ballots shall be mailed to Chair of the Elections Committee by the closing date printed on the ballot.  The Chair of the Elections Committee shall verify eligibility with a membership list; remove all return addresses from the envelopes prior to delivery to the Elections Officer. Envelopes for return of ballot shall be clearly marked.  Ballots must be numbered and a list of issued ballot numbers (no names) given to the Elections Officer. Elections Officer validates ballot number to a list and forwards the ballots to Scrutineers.  Scrutineers each have a tabulation form and record votes individually.  If ballot numbers agree, a joint summary is prepared and signed by the Scrutineers and Elections Officer.  The results will be delivered to the shareholders at a Regional meeting.

An election shall be declared on the individual receiving the majority votes as detailed in the Bylaws.

The length of term for Regional offices of Director, Secretary and Treasurer shall be a two-year duration.  In the case of a vacancy, the Regional Board shall appoint a person to fill this office until an election is held.

Any officer or Board member who is absent from three consecutive regular meetings without due cause or notification shall vacant that position and the Regional Board shall appoint a person to fill this office until an election is held.

Resignation from any office shall be in writing, directed to the Board and shall be effective upon acceptance from the Board.

Termination of membership shall follow the guidelines of the National Bylaws.


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Carol Hadley
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Jim Trick

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