Policy and Procedures: Reimbursement of Expenses


Jan 2013


Finance 004


Reimbursement of Eligible Expenses


To establish a procedure for reimbursing members incurring eligible expenses while carrying out HKVCA business.




Eligible Expenses:

  1. Those expenses incurred as a result of carrying out business activities on behalf of HKVCA. To be considered eligible, expenses claimed must have been pre-approved by the Board of Directors.
  2. Expenses claimed in arrears will not be classed as eligible under the terms of this Policy & Procedure.
  3. Expenses that align to items in the approved National Education Budget are pre-approved. Sums that exceed the approved budget need special approval, even if the line item itself is approved.

Corporate Expenses:

  1. Those expenses incurred by members while carrying out activities deemed to be Corporate in nature and will have a direct bearing on the organization as a whole, or those which have been requested by a Region where it is deemed appropriate that assistance from the National level is needed.
  2. Examples would be travel, accommodation and direct outlay for materials.

Regional Expenses:

  1. Those expenses incurred by members while carrying out activities for their Region. This is anticipated to be the major focus of activity for most members and each Region can have its own policy as to how it wants to handle its own needs and expenses.
  2. A Region may ask for assistance from National level as stated above.

Procedure for Reimbursement for Corporate activity:

  1. It is anticipated that most costs will be incurred as part of a Regional activity and thus it must first be established that the expenses in question are actually a part of a project deemed to be Corporate in nature.
  2. For an expense to be eligible for reimbursement on a Corporate project, an estimate must first be sent to the Corporate Treasurer for approval by three members of the Corporate executive. Once approved, receipts are to be submitted when claiming reimbursement.
  3. All projects and expense claims will be judged on their own merit. All requests for reimbursement will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis. There is no limit on the amount of an eligible cost but the size of the estimated expenditure will be a factor in determining the eligibility of a proposed claim.
  4. The Corporate Treasurer will handle all matters pertaining to expense claims including receiving the initial proposal, directing the approval process and making payment for eligible expenses.


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Carol Hadley
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Jim Trick

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