Policy and Procedures: Newsletter Policy


Jan 2019


Administration 008


National Newsletter Policy


To identify and clarify the position of the Hong Kong Veterans Commemorative Association regarding the National newsletter purpose, schedule and processes.




As we are a National organization, we need an effective method of informing our members about all National and Regional activities on a regular basis.

Mailing of newsletters is a major expense both for the Regions and for National, but they are vital in communicating with our members. A policy is required that will cater to the needs of both National and Regions while making best use of limited funds, and of technology.


Issues will be produced in March, June, September and December, assuming there is sufficient content. The deadline for articles in each issue will be the 5th 1st day of the month so that the translator and  the editor have time to produce the document.

The content will consist of articles submitted by members and region reports by the designated person in each region. The editor will ensure there is no duplication in the issue.

A web version of the newsletter will be prepared if possible (see below). At the least, a copy of the newsletter will be made available in PDF (Portable Document Format) for download.

Space allocated in the newsletter for each Region will be equitable, and no region will be unduly restricted in amount of content.


Due to escalating mailing costs, the preferred way to deliver the newsletter is via posting on the HKVCA web site. Members that agree to email notification of newsletter publishing need only click on a link to read it online or download a copy. Members with email service are asked to allow this option to be used when they join HKVCA, and those that join using our Online Services application will automatically be enrolled in the email option.

Where more than one member resides at an address and email cannot be used, the practice will be to mail only one newsletter which should be shared.

The National Membership rep will provide mailing address information based on Region lists to the editor in time for each mailing, and will coordinate email notification with the Region Membership reps.

To further cut costs, members will be reminded regularly of the cost savings in using email and will be provided sign-up instructions.

Editor's Responsibilities

Coordinate with Regions and the President regarding content submission and deadlines.

Provide guidance to contributors in order that submissions are of a high quality.

Edit submissions for quality, length and suitability.

In conjunction with Canada Post, arrange for the most cost effective method of mailing paper copies.

Make arrangements with a Printer to print newsletters and distribute them via Canada Post to the paper mailing list provided by the National Membership Rep.

Compile the newsletter to PDF format, suitable for use by the Printer. If possible, produce a native (HTML) web version suitable for reading on all devices and coordinate with the Webmaster for web publication and link.

Draft and send an email to those on the email list provided by the Membership Rep, informing them of the availability of the latest issue, and including the web link.

Consult with the President where is doubt that the content for an upcoming issue is sufficient in quality or quantity for publication, or if some content might be seen as controversial.


Costs incurred by National newsletter-related activities will be absorbed by National unless a change is approved by the BOD.

Other Communications:

Nothing in this P&P precludes Regions from communicating with members as is seen fit.

Distribution to Non-Members:

There is a requirement to inform various organizations and individuals about HKVCA activities, and newsletters will be distributed to them to meet this need.

The mailing of newsletters to non-members will be in accordance with a list held by the National Membership Rep, which is populated through each Region Membership Rep on authority from their Regional Director, or directly on authority from the Executive Committee.

Digital versions will be the preferred method of distribution.


President: ___________________
Mike Babin
Date: ____________________

Secretary: ___________________
Lucette Mailloux Muir

Record of Revisions

Rev # Date Change Description Approval Method Reference Remarks
0 31 Jan '08 Original BOD On-line Mtg Minutes 31 Jan '08 Signed version held by the Secretary
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