Indigenous Members and Resources

In keeping with the Reconciliation Statement of the HKVCA, this page is to identify and recognize the Indigenous members of ‘C’ Force. The HKVCA is actively working to identify such members and as we do so, their names and links to their Individual Reports will be listed here. We invite you to explore this page and learn more about the Indigenous members of ‘C’ Force. Each name is linked to their Individual Report in our 'C' Force library and is listed here in alphabetical order.

Errors or omissions should be reported using the "Contact Us" form linked from the top of this page. We know that we are missing many names, and we urge family members to contact us.

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Indigenous Members of 'C' Force

We've found 37 results.

Regimental # Rank First Name Last Name Métis/First Nation Band
H20873PrivateOliverBARRONRed River Métis
H6618PrivateGeorgeBELCOURTRed River Métis
H17500PrivateVictorBELCOURTRed River Métis
H77586PrivateRobertBLANCHARDRed River Métis/Anishinaabegrandfather from Sagkeeng First Nation, MB
H41902PrivateWilliamBOULETTERed River Métis/Creemother from Hollow Water First Nation, MB
H41568PrivateAlbertBOYERRed River Métis
H41683PrivateWilfridCHABOYERRed River Métis
H41688PrivateDavidCHABOYERRed River Métis
H63696PrivateMarcelCHABOYERRed River Métis
H6870PrivateJosephDELORMERed River Métis
H6892PrivateHarryDRURYRed River Métis
H20841PrivateWilbertDUBOISRed River Métis
H6911PrivateHerbertFOLSTERRed River Métis
H70208PrivateDonaldFOLSTERRed River Métis
H41694PrivateFrancoisHAMELINRed River Métis
H6825PrivateWilliamHARDISTYRed River Métis
H6503PrivateJosephLAFORTUNERed River Métis
H6677PrivateMauriceLAPOINTERed River Métis
L28212PrivateFredMALBEUFRed River Métis
L28224PrivateErnestMALBEUFRed River Métis
H6245CorporalArthurMCCORRISTERRed River Métis
H26245PrivateCalvinMCCORRISTERRed River Métis
H26247PrivateMervinMCCORRISTERRed River Métis
E30097RiflemanPatrickMETALLICMi'gmaqListuguj, QC
H41564PrivateHenryMILLITAIRERed River Métis
H6755PrivateJamesMURRAYRed River Métis/Saulteaux
H41666PrivateJosephOIGEOjibwayPeguis First Nation, MB
H6526PrivateJosephOUELETTERed River Métis
L2858PrivateWalterPARENTEAURed River Métis
L41404PrivateRobertPARENTEAURed River Métis
H6359PrivateFerdinandPOITRASRed River Métis
H6597PrivateMarcelROBIDOUXRed River Métis
H6609Lance CorporalRaymondSELLERSRed River Métis
H6441Staff SergeantCliffordSETTEECree
H41699PrivateAnthonySIOUXRed River Métis
L2860PrivateUrbanVERMETTERed River Métis
H16116PrivateLeonardWATSONRed River Métis

Resources for Indigenous Study

Below is a list of sources and readings which provide information on Canada’s Indigenous people and contemporary issues, and historical information about the involvement of Indigenous people in Canada’s military.

Reconciliation in Canada Rights and Reconciliation
Reports of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission including Calls to Action

What Reconciliation Is and What It Is Not

University of Alberta – Indigenous Canada Métis History
First Nations Soldiers Indigenous Veterans – Equals on the Battlefield, but Not at Home
Government of Canada Indigenous Peoples and the World Wars
Historica Canada