Creation and Evolution of HKVCA

For context, please read the history of the Hong Kong Veterans' Association

Passing the Torch

At the 1993 National Convention in Quebec, a proposal was given for the formation of a new association made up of the sons and daughters of the members of C Force. The vets accepted the concept and the process to form another association had begun.  With the formation of this new association the last veteran and surviving widows will still be looked after.  In 1995 the name of the new association was declared to be Hong Kong Veterans Commemorative Association and the HKVA branches nominated the Executive from across Canada.

The formal 'take off' of HKVCA can be viewed in the minutes of the September 1997 HKVA General Meeting. (PDF)

In August 2001 at the National Convention in Winnipeg where the “passing of the torch” was made to the new Hong Kong Veterans Commemorative Association, the Canadian government representative announced that the surviving veterans would receive 100% pension and that the vets and widows (since 1991) would be entitled to the Veterans Independent Program.

The Associations ran in parallel until 2001 when the “passing of the torch” semi merged the administration and finance into one.  The HKVA still participates in its own right in commemorative programs with VAC and the vets take an active role with the HKVCA in educating Canadian youth regarding the War in the East.

2022 Update

The information above was written in 2003, and many things have happened since then.

Sadly, we have lost many veterans, and as of 2022 there are only 4 still living. We Will Remember Them.

Our mission and tasks were revamped and ratified in 2007.

The most important task that has been completed was the creation of the Memorial Wall, which was dedicated in 2009. Getting it done was anything but easy, but thanks to the hard work of the Wall Committee and others, it was unveiled in Ottawa on VJ Day. Names of all 'C' Force members are engraved on the Wall, both living and dead. A major step had been taken in ensuring that the members of 'C' Force and their sacrifice at the Battle of Hong Kong would never be forgotten.

An apology from Japan was finally made on 8 Dec 2011. Three veterans made the trip to Japan to receive the apology.

Mr. Phil Doddridge, President of HKVA has asked HKVCA to work toward placing a gravestone marker on every gravestone. Work is ongoing to make this a reality.

The focus on education has continued with an annual event - the Writing Competition being held. High school students across Canada are encouraged to learn more about Canada's role in Hong Kong, and write about a specific veteran. Cash prizes for winners are offered.

Our library of documents continues to grow, with every piece of information we've come across available online through our various web and social media sites. This reference library, along with the Memorial Wall, will be the legacy of 'C' Force in years to come.

2023 Update

As of March there were two veterans remaining - an amazing fact, given what these men went through. The last living veteran, Hormidas Fredette, passed away in November.

The Writing Competition, mentioned above, is dormant as we have not found a volunteer to take on managing this task. Our Teachers' Zone website is also dormant for the same reason.

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