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To educate all Canadians on the role of Canada's soldiers in the Battle of Hong Kong and on the effects of the internment of the battle’s survivors on both the soldiers and their families. We also assist in the support and welfare of Hong Kong veterans and their widows.

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Important- Pension Miscalculation Class Proceeding

Excerpt of email received from WarAmps

As many of you will be aware, the Federal Court has recently sanctioned a financial settlement with respect to a serious calculation error committed by Veterans Affairs Canada in relation to disability pensions and benefits under the Pension Act between 2003 and December 2023.

The Federal Court has defined the class as follows:

All members and former members of the Canadian Armed Forces and Royal Canadian Mounted Police, and their spouses, common-law partners, dependents, survivors, orphans, and any other individuals, including qualifiable estates of all such persons, who received, at any time between 2003 and December 2023, disability pensions, and other benefits from VAC that were affected by the annual adjustment of the basic pension under section 75 of the Pension Act.

KPMG is acting as the administrator of the program and any communication on this issue should be directed to their firm. Details, documents, and the means to submit a claim can be found on their website There is also a dedicated call centre at 1-833-839-0648 for general enquiries and to help with completing the claim form.

Note: you'll have to create an account with KPMG to proceed. Disregard the text on the main page stating that the claim period is not open.

(Item posted on May 12)

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