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The Canadian Hong Kong Veterans have suffered from lack of understanding of their experience since their return home after the war. The Hong Kong Veterans Commemorative Association has chosen not to edit or censor their voices in any way. These stories are personal. They are written about a time that affected these soldiers deeply. Some of the stories are raw and use terms that are considered highly derogatory today. All are moving. We invite you to meet the men behind the soldier’s uniform, and hear what they have to say to you.

Personal Accounts and Interviews

The personal accounts of our veterans provide a valuable and unique view of the battle and aftermath. These pages will collect their accounts so all may benefit.

If you wish to publish a personal account of a veteran please contact us and we'll either include it on this site or link to your site.

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Veterans Affairs Canada - Heroes Remember Video Archive - Personal accounts on video. Search using the individual's last name plus "battle of hong kong".

At the HKVCA Gallery site there are various scans of newspaper and magazine articles where veterans have provided personal accounts and insights.

You can also check out the Links part of this site, available from the Reference Library link at the top of most of our pages, and our book list.