Individual Report: H6181 George MONTROY

1st Bn The Winnipeg Grenadiers

Red River Métis

General Information

Rank: First Name: Second Name:
Lance Corporal George Louis
From: Enlistment Region: Date of Birth (y-m-d):
Neelin MB Manitoba 1906-02-28
Appointment: Company: Platoon:
Section 2ic C

Transportation - Home Base to Hong Kong

Members of 'C' Force from the East travelled across Canada by CNR troop train, picking up reinforcements enroute. Stops included Valcartier, Montreal, Ottawa, Armstrong ON, Capreol ON, Winnipeg, Melville SK, Saskatoon, Edmonton, Jasper, and Vancouver, arriving in Vancouver on Oct 27 at 0800 hrs.

The Winnipeg Grenadiers and the local soldiers that were with Brigade Headquarters from Winnipeg to BC travelled on a CPR train to Vancouver.

All members embarked from Vancouver on the ships AWATEA and PRINCE ROBERT. AWATEA was a New Zealand Liner and the PRINCE ROBERT was a converted cruiser. "C" Company of the Rifles was assigned to the PRINCE ROBERT, everyone else boarded the AWATEA. The ships sailed from Vancouver on Oct 27th and arrived in Hong Kong on November 16th, having made brief stops enroute at Honolulu and Manila.

Equipment earmarked for 'C' Force use was loaded on the ship DON JOSE, but would never reach Hong Kong as it was rerouted to Manila when hostilities commenced.

On arrival, all troops were quartered at Nanking Barracks, Sham Shui Po Camp, in Kowloon.

Battle Information

We do not have specific battle information for this soldier in our online database. For a detailed description of the battle from a Canadian perspective, visit Canadian Participation in the Defense of Hong Kong (published by the Historical Section, Canadian Military Headquarters).

Wounded Information

Date Wounded Wound Description References

Hospital Information

No record of hospital visits found.

POW Camps

Camp ID Camp Name Location Company Type of Work Reference Arrival Date Departure Date
HK-SA-01ShamshuipoKowloon, Hong KongCapture42 Jan 22
HK-NP-02North PointNorth Point, Hong Kong Island3342 Jan 2242 Sep 26
HK-SA-02ShamshuipoKowloon, Hong Kong42 Sep 26 43 Aug 15
JP-Os-3BOeyamaKyoto-fu, Yosa-gun, Yoshizu-mura, Sutsu, JapanNippon Yakin Nickel Mine & RefineryMining nickel & work at the refinery843 Sep 0145 Sep 02

Transport to Japan

Draft Number Name of Ship Departure Date Arrival Date Arrival Port Comments Reference
XD4AManryu Maru43 Aug 1543 Sep 01Osaka, JapanBrief stopover in Taihoku (Taipei), Formosa (Taiwan); then 2 day stopover at northern point for stool testsTony Banham

Transportation: SE Asia to Home

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Post-war Photo

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Ida and George Montroy. My grandparents. My grandfather became a food hoarder after his experience in Hong Kong. He had 2 fridges, a supersize deep freezer, a supersize garden, and a storage room always full of food. He never let anyone around him go hungry. His door was always open to anyone wanting a meal and he would happily cook you a feast.

Copied from Facebook in Nov '16. Submitted by Teresa Smith.

Other Military Service

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Death and Cemetery Information

Date of Death (y-m-d) Cause of Death Death Class Death Ref
1987-10-31Post War
Cemetery LocationCemeteryGrave NumberGravestone Marker
Riverton Manitoba CanadaSt. Josephs Cemetery

Gravestone Image

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Obituary / Life Story

Suddenly on Saturday, October 31st, 1987 at his residence, Corporal George Montroy, aged 81 years, of Riverton, Manitoba, beloved husband of Ida Montroy. George was born in Neelin, Manitoba February 28th, 1906. He was a Corporal with the Winnipeg Grenadiers and had served in Jamaica and Hong Kong. He was a Japanese prisoner of war from 1941 to 1945. After the war, George bent his initial years farming and 15 years employed with Grey Goose Bus Lines. He then managed the credit union in Riverton where he retired and lived his remaining years.

He was predeased by his mother Marie Louise; his father Louis; stepmother Harriet; brothers Emil, Alex, Pete, Ramsey, and Zebb and grandson Tyler. He leaves to mourn his passing his beloved wife Ida; son Louis and wife Eileen; daughter Aileen and husband Danny; five grandchildren, Cobina, Nicolle, Teresa, Danielle and Renee and numerous nieces, nephews, relatives and friends.

Funeral services will be held on Wednesday, November 4th at 1 p.m. in the Riverton- Hnausa Lutheran Church with Fr. G. Killen officiating, assisted by Pastor K. Bergbusch and Rev. M. Von Gunton. Interment will follow in the St. Joseph's Cemetery, three miles south of Riverton on No. 9 Hwy.

The active pallbearers will be Messrs. Tom Dewar, Len Watson, Bill Salvage, Chester Bud, Frank Harding, Fred Wright and Ray Sellers. The honorary pallbearers will be Messrs. Harry Atkinson, John Simcoe, Alf Matthews, George Peterson, Bob Lytle, Gordon Williamson, Bill Maltman and Les Adams. Both active and honorary bearers are members of the Winnipeg Grenadiers.

In lieu of flowers, donations may be made to the Riverton- Hnausa Lutheran Church.Gilbart Funeral Chapel, Gimli, in care of arrangements.

Submitted by granddaughter Teresa Smith March 2017


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