C Force Reports and Stats - References

List of (Potentially) Helpful References

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It is not a coincidence that Mansell.com is at the top of this list.

Background: In the mid-1990's,Roger Mansell began working on an Internet website in order to share with the world his research on Allied prisoners of war who were held by the Japanese during WWII. In the fall of 2000, he published "a 'hidden' web site for assorted documents, etc., that have been requested by various historians looking at the POWs under the Japanese." He soon afterwards made his website officially public... More

(Added in August 2022) Far East POW Liberation Questionnaires - according to the website, about half out of the aproximately 56,000 recorded POWs completed the questionnaire. Results are generally one scanned page, which indicates places detained as a POW, among other information.

Library and Archives Canada - The Canada Gazette (link removed as no longer working).

Library and Archives Canada - Military Medals, Honours and Awards - Search the database. look here for an individual, and view decorations and awards received.

London Gazette 25jul46 (PDF)

POWCampsinJapan.doc (PDF). See also the maps link below on this page.

Canadian Participation in the Defense of Hong Kong, December 1941

'C' Force Decorations, Medals, Awards and Honours - by Vince Lopata. More info on our Suggested Reading page.

Canadian Virtual War Memorial - Veterans Affairs Canada - search for the name.

Library and Archives Canada: Service Files of the Second World War Dead

Maps Prison camp location maps in Japan