The Gravestone Marker Project

Our Vision: Every one of our men’s graves has a marker

Gravestone marker image

With the battle of Hong Kong holding such a unique part of history, the HKVCA created this stunning grave marker some years ago to be placed on the gravestones of those who fought in the battle of Hong Kong. They were created as a way to identify, recognize, and honour ALL those who fought. As one can imagine, our association went to great lengths to ensure the gravestone markers matched our vision. The markers themselves are high-quality discs that have been custom forged and are then treated and painted with industrial paint in order to stand the tests of time, weather and wear. These gravestone markers have been available through our organization for several years, and we are happy to report that they have found their intended place, marking history on gravestones across the country. These stunning markers have generated enough interest that we had to have more made! We are so pleased that through great research and effort, these shiny new gravestone markers are back in-stock, made in Canada, and available TODAY, to be shipped directly to you, so our mission of every grave having a marker can continue to unfold. Orders can be placed today (shipping included!) with our resident merchandising officer - Barry Mitchell.

Options to order:

  • Send a cheque for $75.00 made out to Hong Kong Veterans Commemorative Association to: PO BOX 381, Winnipeg MB, R3C 2H6
  • Send $75.00 by e-transfer to

Attaching the Marker

From the distributor: "Use Dow Corning RTV Sealant or LePage Epoxy Steel. Both available at a good hardware store.”

Want to Help?

The HKVCA is often advised of a veteran’s passing, but not the location of burial. If you are a family member or friend of a Canadian Veteran of the Battle of Hong Kong, check out our 'C' Force site and enter your veteran's name. We would greatly appreciate receiving missing information. This will be a huge undertaking but it is our wish that we do this to make Phil Doddridge’s vision a reality.

Need more information?

Contact us by clicking on the link at the top of this page.