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As Of 11 August 2009

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The mountains are being installed. Most of the paving stones are in place as you can see and if you look in the background you will see more ready to complete them up to the base of the Wall.  The mountains will be removed temporarily next week to go back to Polycorp to finish the etchings.  Sod will be placed where needed.  Work will continue up to the 11th hour but except for the mountains not being completely finished, the Wall will be in place. (Murray Doull) 

As of Early August 2009

Here are some pictures of the work being done at Polycor - they are working OT and weekends to ensure the wall will be assembled for Aug 15 - we will have some pavers and sod in place so that the site will look semi finished but there is still work after - the pavers are on loan and I don't know about the sod yet. But we have the landscaping to do and there are extra costs in getting this work completed.  We are grateful to Polycor for the extra work and effort being done as it was a challenge to ensure the correct spelling of peoples names and many revisions to do this. (Carol Hadley)


The 2 big lumps of granite are some of the pieces for the top - The white panels being worked on are the mats that cover the granite for the sandblasting and then you see the finished panels.

(Carol Hadley)