Leonard Corrigan's Story

A Hong Kong Diary Revisited - Second Edition

With the permission of the family, HKVCA is proud to publish an updated edition of "A Hong Kong Diary Revisited" on our website. It is available in two formats:

  • HTML: for viewing as a series of web pages. (The content is similar to the book, but the layout has been optimized for online viewing)
  • PDF (First Edition): suitable for generating a local printed copy. Generally, does not display well on digital devices. Photos are not included with this version, nor is some content added at a later time to the web version. Download PDF.

The softcover copy remains available for sale. You can find more information by visiting our Suggested Reading Page.

Lieutenant Leonard B. Corrigan

  • Joined the South Saskatchewan Regiment in 1941 as a Second Lieutenant
  • Assigned to Farnham, Que with the 8th Hussars (Recce)
  • Volunteered for transfer to the Winnipeg Grenadiers when they asked for replacements - approximately October 15, 1941