Board of Directors - Meeting Summaries - 2018


Minutes of September 26, 2018 were presented and approved.

Financial Statement for September was approved.

A non-denominational prayer will be developed for use at the Memorial Wall ceremony in December.

The Official AGM Opening Protocol at meetings will be updated and ready for the December AGM.

The location of the December 8 AGM will be the Lord Elgin Hotel in Ottawa. Both the luncheon and AGM will be held there. More details on our Web Page.

The Nominations/Elections Committee made a few observations and proposed a few changes or updates to increase the number of nominees in future. To be reviewed.

The updated version of our online services will be ready soon.

Parking at the Memorial Wall, VAC will review our request in early December.

The December edition of the newsletter will be delayed a few days to give everyone a chance to send in their reports on the Wall Ceremony and AGM.

Region Directors reported on activities in their regions.


Minutes of July 25, 2018 were presented and approved.

Financial Statements for July and August 2018 were approved.

The Nominations/Elections report was read and will be ratified at our December 8 AGM.

There was discussion about the high cost of printing and mailing paper copies of the national newsletter. We will be recommending to our members that they consider changing from a paper copy to the electronic way of receiving their newsletter in order to save ever increasing mailing charges. It was decided that a fee for mailed copies of the newsletter will not be implemented at this time.

We have received no further news on the movie “The Battle of Hong Kong”.

Jim is working on the next version of the Online Services and will be up and running in time for the 2019 membership renewals.

Following a request received, we are working on a non-denominational prayer for our Memorial Services.

We are also working on revising and updating our “Official AGM Opening Protocol” in both English and French.

The HKVCA Logo is a protected item and under the unique control of the HKVCA and will not be used by others.

Region Directors reported on activities in their regions.


Minutes of June 27, 2018 were presented and approved.

Financial Statement for June 2018 was approved.

The President sent a letter and a token of appreciation to Jason Kelly for his work in the presentations of the Order of St George Medals to all our Veterans.

 There was discussion about the national newsletter and how to increase its usefulness and interest to members while reducing the cost of producing and mailing it. Jim Trick is looking for guidance on how to do this The Directors agreed that the newsletter is a form of communication with our members and need to continue publishing it. A survey of members is being considered.

The response to the call for nominations has been lower than we like. Regions will encourage members to put their names forward.

A request was received to organise the screening of a new movie about The Battle of Hong Kong. Until a full screening of the movie is available, we will take no action.

A Kickstarter campaign has been initiated to help fund a Battle of Hong Kong Board Game. It was decided to not pursue this venture.

Mike received a note from a member about a newspaper ad from the Consulate of Japan celebrating the 90th Anniversary of good relations with Canada. In response we will send a letter to the editor of the newspaper pointing out the events of 1941 to 1945.

Region Directors reported on activities in their regions.


Minutes of May 23, 2018 were presented and approved.

Audited Financial Report and the Financial Statement for May 2018 were approved. Barry is working on the online transfer payments to the regions.

There was discussion about the national newsletter and how to increase its usefulness to members while reducing the cost of producing it.

The Editor, Jim Trick, will be invited to the next meeting to agree on action.

A token of appreciation will be sent to Jason Kelly of the Order of St George.

Funding to purchase 3 pop-up banners for BC Region was approved.

Region Directors reported on activities in their regions.


Minutes of April 25, 2018 were approved.

Discussion arising from the Minutes

No approval by the BOD of the Summary needed.

Update – plaques at Sham Shui Po

Report – May 12, 2018 event in Quebec City

No report – HK Group interviews

Financial statement for April 2018 was approved.

Education – There will be no “Writing Contest” at this time.

Approved revised P & P Fin 005, online services

The Elections Committee 2018 was confirmed.

The next AGM will be held on December 8, 2018 in Ottawa. Venue not yet confirmed.

Discussion on 2 proposed estimates for 3 or 6 parking spaces at the Memorial Wall in Ottawa. Will present proposed estimates to the City and look into funding possibilities.

Region Reports were presented.


Minutes of March 28, 2018 were approved.

Discussion arising from the Minutes

Financial statement for March 2018 was approved.

The Online Membership Service is working well in all regions.

The next edition of the Newsletter will be June 2018.

A group of benevolent workers from Hong Kong is looking into the possibility of interviewing our Canadian Hong Kong Veterans. A possible better way to do this will be discussed with them.


Minutes of February 2018 were approved.

Kathie Carlson was appointed as Election Officer.

Lucette Mailloux gave an update on the May 12, 2018 Ceremonies in Quebec City.

Financial statement for February 2018 was approved.

The Online Membership Service has been successfully tested and 2018 dues payments were received and will be transferred to regions.

A high number of un-opened newsletters were recorded. Will check on reasons etc.

Derrill Henderson has been working on a design for parking at the HKVCA Wall.

Looking into the possibility in refurbishing the plaques in Sham Shui Po camp in Hong Kong.

Mitzi Ross is still looking for volunteers to help out for the next Convention. A few minutes of your time can be very helpful for an organizing committee.


Financial statement for January 2018 was approved.

The Board appointed Bernard “Bernie” Leblanc as the Atlantic Region Representative.

The Education Project was discussed and Emmie continue looking for new avenues for getting our message into schools.

The Online Membership Service has been successfully tested. Implementation will be going ahead on March 7, 2018.

Mitzi Ross has accepted to lead the Organising Team for the next Convention. As usual she will be looking for help.

The apology from Mitsubishi Japan is still being worked on.

A ceremony will be held in Quebec City on May 12, 2018 for the Official re-opening of Le Manège Militaire de Québec and re-dedication of the Royal Rifles Plaque which was saved during the great fire. All HK Vets will be receiving a personal invitation to attend.

“The Call for Elections” will be published in the June newsletter. Election of Directors will be held at the Annual General Meeting in December 2018 in Ottawa.


January 24, 2018

The financial statements for November and December, 2017 were approved.

The Board decided not to replace Board member Ted Terry, who was advised by his doctor to withdraw from his volunteer activities, including our Board of Directors. It was agreed that there is still sufficient representation from all regions across Canada on the Board.

The Cross-Canada Writing Contest is not being offered this school year while we consider how to improve its penetration in school across the country. Emmie Flanagan reported on the status of her work on this, and will bring a further update to the February meeting.

Carol Hadley pointed out that many companies offer grants to charitable organizations based on the company's employees' and retirees' volunteer hours at the charity. We will advise our members in the next newsletter to look into this possibility to help provide funding to the HKVCA.

The Board reviewed membership numbers, and the status of work being done by Jim Trick to improve our online offerings, including the ability to make dues payments online.

The results of the recent survey of members on their preferences for the national convention were discussed. A decision was made on the location and timing of the next convention. The decision will be published in the next national newsletter. A convention organizing committee will be formed.

The progress of work to obtain an apology from Mitsubishi Japan for slave labour work done by Canadians at Mitsubishi-owned sites during their internment was reviewed.

The Board agreed to publish a summary of each Board meeting on our web site. This document is the first of these.

The HKVCA's auditors have been doing our financial audit at cost for some 15 years. The Board voted to provide a modest honorarium to the auditors as a token of the HKVCA's appreciation for their work.

The status of parking at the Memorial Wall in Ottawa was reviewed. The National Capital Commission is considering how to provide at least one, and hopefully multiple, parking spots very close to the Wall.


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