Policy and Procedures - Online Services


May 2018


Finance 005


Provision of Online Payment Transaction Services


To establish an online payment alternative for various HKVCA financial transactions


Today's world is online. The writing of cheques and mailing envelopes for making payments has now become the exception. Online payments are commonplace, and we must provide this option if we hope to retain what members we have, and encourage others to join. The cheapest, and most popular service for online transactions is PayPal.

For HKVCA there is a two-step process to active membership:

  1. the individual registers as a new/renewed online member,
  2. the individual pays current dues.

Definition of Online Services

An online service refers to any information and services provided over the Internet. For our purposes, HKVCA services may include all or some of the following transactions from the public:

These services could also include payment to individuals or regions from HKVCA as authorized.

Scenario for New/Renewing Member

  1. Individual decides he/she would like to become a member (or would like to renew online).
  2. They visit our online membership registration page which is secure (https).
  3. When the register page is displayed, it contains various fields that must be filled in. The individual is assisted by automated tools such as hints as they complete the form.
  4. For security reasons, once the Registration Form is filled in, the individual will receive a confirmatory email in their inbox. The individual must click on a link which will allow the registration process to complete. This step validates the email address provided.
  5. Once the registration process has completed, the new/renewed member will login and be sent to a payment page where payment options are displayed. The individual has the choice of various credit cards or PayPal, or perhaps a bank.
  6. Member can elect to pay current year or several years (note: only current year supported in Version 1).
  7. The individual can elect to make a donation in addition to membership dues if desired. ***not implemented in Version 1***
  8. Once the payment has been validated by PayPal, the membership secure database is updated.
  9. The new/renewed member receives an email receipt from PayPal.
  10. Notification of this event, containing essential information (including chosen region), is sent to the National Treasurer and the Region membership rep by email so that both are in the loop.
  11. Treasurer will also see the transaction update via his PayPal account Dashboard.

Follow-on Activities

  1. The Region membership rep contacts the new/renewed member, welcomes them, and requests any other information needed.
  2. Region membership rep checks to prevent duplicate memberships, ie: is person a new member, or a current member renewing online for the first time.
  3. On a schedule set up by the Treasurer (quarterly?) there is an accounting of funds between National and Regions.
  4. Details of the new/renewed member are added to the quarterly membership report submitted to National by each Region.

Future Development

Online Services will be reviewed periodically for effectiveness, and the potential for development of new capabilities.

Possibilities include:


President: ___________________
Mike Babin
Date: ____________________

Secretary: ___________________
Lucette Mailloux Muir

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