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Poems and Links


One aspect that becomes quite obvious to anyone researching the Battle of Hong Kong and the POW experience is the amount of poetry produced. This poetry encompasses not only 'C' Force, but the other nations involved, giving quite a wide view of the life and personas involved.

Our first attempts will be listing and linking to the various sources of which we're aware. As time permits we'll get a little fancier and concentrate on layout and presentation.

Links to Sources on our Sites

Ken Cambon (RRC): Poetic Pastimes (written while a POW at North Point Camp. (PDF format)
Poems were submitted by Murray Doull: "Back in the day we had annual luncheons for the remaining local HK vets that took place in Vancouver and Victoria. Ken provided these poems to me and the accompanying information at a visit to his house in Vancouver many years ago."

Richard (Dick) Trick (WG) - Collection

Tom Marsh (WG) - Collection

Poetry by Fitzpatrick (in our Gallery)

Today's Poetry

In 2022 we hosted a poetry contest. Submissions were judged by Gary Geddes, an acclaimed poet and author. Winners were featured in the Spring 2022 Edition of our National newsletter.

Check out this page for more details and submissions.

External Links

Shadow Lights of Shamshuipo;
a rhyming picture of the yesteryears
by Harry P. McNaughton

Oriental Odyssey: Verse
by Sid Varcoe.
As of April 2024, available through The Edmonton Book Store (Note: we are keen to host this material on our site as we've done with some other books, and would like to get in contact with a family member.)

Art and Drawings

Check out our Drawings page in our Image Gallery.

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