Policy and Procedures: Web Administration and Development


Jan 2019


Administration 006


HKVCA Web Administration and Development


To detail the responsibilities related to maintenance and development of HKVCA web sites.




Much of HKVCA's "corporate knowledge" and historical documents are now contained within our various web sites. They constitute our information repository that will become part of our veterans' legacy.

Our sites receive many visits each month, both from our members and the public-at-large around the world. Availability of our webs is key, as when our webs are unavailable, people lose confidence in us, and this impacts on our efforts in carrying out our mission and goals.

Our webs, therefore, are a vital tool for HKVCA and we must actively protect these assets and develop them. A key element in achieving this are the HKVCA web staff.

The BOD will appoint the HKVCA Webmaster by a formal vote within a meeting.


Responsible to the BOD for overall layout, performance and availability of all HKVCA web sites.

  1. Decide where the HKVCA sites will be hosted, inform the BOD of the yearly costs, and request extra funds if required above what the BOD has authorized.
  2. Take all reasonable steps to ensure that the sites are available, and if they go offline, work with the hosting company to restore normal operation as soon as possible.
  3. Ensure that site backups are done on a regular basis, in particular following major web content or structure changes.
  4. Establish the online "look and feel" of all HKVCA webs in accordance with accepted web standards, and ensure that all webs conform.
  5. Inform our users via the site's main home page of scheduled outages, and email the BOD the same information.
  6. Provide an online environment such as forums, chat, email forwarding, and other services that may be requested. This function may be limited by the services offered by the hosting company.
  7. Publish content promptly on behalf of the BOD, National Membership Rep, HKVCA members, and others. Content that may be controversial or detrimental to HKVCA goals and image will be approved by the President and BOD.
  8. Promptly respond to, or forward email correspondence generated by visitors to the sites.
  9. Monitor our domain name(s) and take appropriate steps to renew it them. Ensure the Treasurer possesses a record and receipt.
  10. In conjunction with the hosting company staff, take all reasonable steps to maintain the security of our sites.
  11. Provide a web report to the BOD prior to the monthly online meeting. Report to include major changes to the web, downtime and reason, traffic statistics, and any future plans.
  12. Where feasible, provide access to social media as an additional tool in sharing information.
  13. Appoint and train web administrators.

Availability of Webmaster

Consistent availability of the HKVCA sites is critical to the HKVCA mission, therefore as a courtesy the Webmaster will communicate with the President when he/she will not be available for periods of over 48 hours.

Accessibility and Security

The Webmaster will possess:

  1. Username and password for the hosting company control panel used to administer the various sites.
  2. Username and password for edit access to all websites.
  3. Administrator's username and password for all forums, chat rooms, etc.
  4. Username and password for the hosting company help desk.
  5. Username and password for the Domain registrar for our domain: hkvca.ca

The above information will also be held by the President.


President: ___________________
Mike Babin
Date: __________

Secretary: ___________________
Lucette Mailloux Muir
Date: __________

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