Policy and Procedures: Duties and Responsibilities by Position


January 2019


General 002


Duties and Responsibilities of Board of Directors and Associated Positions


To define the duties and responsibilities of HKVCA Officers to assist them in their roles, to clarify these roles for our members, and to simplify handovers.


Contents of this Policy amplify and simplify By-Law No 1 which is a high-level document.


Initiate, supervise and review programs and activities that will further the objectives of the HKVCA.

Preside over meetings of the Executive, and General Meetings of the members.

Coordinate with the Hong Kong Veterans Association (HKVA) to ensure that HKVCA can represent the interests of, and stand in for HKVA where required.

Encourage and delegate volunteer members to work as Representatives, on Committees or in other capacities that will promote an effective connection with the members at large.

Through coordination with Regional Directors, ensure that HKVCA aims, goals and initiatives are understood, supported and coordinated.

Ensure that HKVCA concerns are communicated to appropriate offices of the Federal Government and other external organizations to facilitate a more effective national organization.

Ensure that HKVCA fulfills its advocacy role in support of veterans' recognition, needs and welfare.

Time commitment

First Vice President

Stand-in for the President as required.

Assist the President as requested in coordinating HKVCA-wide activities.

Time commitment


Take and distribute Minutes at all meetings of the Executive, or General Meetings of the members.

Notify Executive members, and members at large, of all meetings for which they should be in attendance.

Acknowledge by appropriate means all correspondence received at National level.

Draft correspondence as required by Government, or as directed by the President.

Maintain all records of HKVCA, including minutes and Policy documents.

Hold the Seal of the Corporation.

Time commitment


Maintain accurate accounts of all receipts and disbursements of the HKVCA.

Meet all the financial obligations of the HKVCA in a timely fashion.

Deposit all monies in the name and to the credit of HKVCA in a financial institution designated by the Executive.

Disburse the funds of the HKVCA under the direction of the Executive.

On a regular basis, provide the Executive with an account of all recent financial transactions in a manner which clearly defines the financial position of the corporation.

Co-ordinate the Regions in the maintenance of financial records which will provide appropriate information annually to the Canada Revenue Agency as a requirement of the HKVCA charity designation.

Time commitment

Past President

Provide the President with assistance in dealings with outside agencies.

Advise the President by providing a sober second-thought on HKVCA initiatives and plans.

Time commitment -Board Meetings -90 minutes per month

Regional Directors

As a member of the Board of Directors, actively represent the interests of their region at the National level.

Preside over meetings of the Executive, and General Meetings of the members of the Region concerned.

Respond to members’ concerns regarding the welfare of any veterans or widows, and to choose a course of action which will address those concerns.

Assist the President by ensuring that Regional activities are communicated to, and coordinated with, National level.

Coordinate attendance of HKVCA representatives at remembrance ceremonies and other similar activities.

Time commitment

Associated Positions


Responsible to the BOD for overall layout, performance and availability of all HKVCA web sites.

Responsibilities may be found listed in P&P Admin 006.

Time commitment:

National Membership Representative

Maintain the National Membership database, based on membership information on member types forwarded by Regional Membership Reps.

Responsibilities may be found listed in P&P Gen 001.

Time commitment: ~90 minutes per quarter

Newsletter Editor

Collects, edits and formats articles for publication in the National Newsletter.

Responsibilities may be found listed in P&P Admin 008.

Time commitment: 20 hours per quarter

Elections Chair

Performs the duties of Election Officer defined in the Corporation’s Act, Statutes of Ontario and in accordance with corporate policy Administration 005.

Responsibilities may be found listed in P&P Admin 005.

Time commitment -20 hours/year.

Attendance at Meetings

Any officer or Board member who is absent from three consecutive regular meetings without due cause or notification shall vacate that position and the Board shall appoint a person to fill this office until an election is held.


President: ___________________
Mike Babin
Date: ____________________

Secretary: ___________________
Lucette Mailloux Muir

Record of Revisions

Rev # Date Change Description Approval Method Reference Remarks
0 24 Nov 05 Initial version BOD Online Meeting of 24 Nov 05 Minutes - 24 Nov 05 Signed copy dated: 25 Nov 05
1 Jan 2013 Updated BOD Online Meeting of 23 Jan Minutes  
2 Jan 2019 Update to include time commitments and associated positions BOD Online Meeting January 2019 Minutes